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Here we have tried to provide answers to possible questions from clients.

The CENTER – new possibilities for your investment.
We have 9 different resource factors that will enable your enterprise in Germany to make a fast and successful start. This is your admission ticket to a successful business world in Germany that is not always accessible even to German entrepreneurs. We have built up our own ecosystem of German and international organizations. The aim shared by all of us is to be successful and competent, each in our own field.

We represent your interests in Germany, we stand by you in every way.
What is most important to us is to act within the framework of the law. In all other respects our priority is your benefit and success. We aim to ensure that the country reveals itself to you at its very best.

90% of all business relations are generally heading for failure before they have even begun. For instance, they may fail due to a lack of knowledge of laws, the structure of the state or the special features of business activities in Germany. Valuable information about property sales or investment projects is not openly available. You may only find the less attractive options that are accessible to the general public. The German business environment is often closed to outsiders. All these aspects complicate the situation.

The CENTER speaks the same language as you. We speak very good Russian and English, and we have an excellent knowledge of the special circumstances of the business environment in different countries. With us, every project is individual and we put together the team that will suit it best. We listen to you, understand your aims in detail and know how they can be achieved. We are also happy to organize an interpreter for (important) appointments.

We contribute to your development at all levels. From an individual search for an investment on closed real estate and investment platforms, to special services that you may additionally need.

Estate agents can only offer you a limited selection of properties / products. With us, you choose from an extensive database. This database is often not even accessible for many German entrepreneurs, meaning that you also receive exclusive property offers that are not publicly available. We maintain cooperations with many estate agents, and have a very interesting range of offers both in the private and commercial property sectors.

In order to finance a property or found a company in Germany, many bureaucratic procedures are necessary which would require you to be present in Germany time after time. You need thorough preparation for bank interviews, and experience has shown that your chances are better if you are accompanied by an expert. In this way, language barriers can be avoided, and if necessary information can be obtained quickly at the right time.

Germany is complex. There are very many details and particularities in the German system. In legal matters, difficulties crop up again and again that have to be clarified promptly. In order to obtain permissions you often have to go to authorities to deal with things in person, and the language in legal and insurance documents is difficult to understand even for Germans. Here you need experts who understand what they are doing and know the system.

We have specialized is projects of this kind. We will give you effective help at absolutely every stage of the company foundation, and additionally we will support you in matters such as residence permits, education, medical services and much more. Our possibilities are the basis on which you can build your successful business or investment.

In accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (GwG) we have increased obligations of precaution and information, and are obliged to ask for the personal data of the client / prospective client straight away at the beginning of a business relationship. And just like you, we would also like to know who we are dealing with, so that we can decide whether we would like to engage in a mutual business relationship.

Of course we always look forward to a long-term, comprehensive business relationship.
But of course you can request the use of single services, or engage in a temporary business relationship for the realization of a single transaction.

Since each assignment is individual, the price can only be calculated and agreed together with you after an assessment has been made of the total volume of the assignment and the individual conditions, which depend on the object and the experts concerned.

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